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An approved notary education course is mandatory for all new notary applicants in the State of Florida

First-time notary applicants in Florida must take a required three-hour education course on notary law and procedures (668.50(11)(b), Fla. Stat.). The applicant must submit a Certificate of Completion when sending the application forms to the bonding agency for processing.

The State of Florida offers a free online notary education course that fulfills these requirements and provides the Certificate of Completion necessary in order to apply for a new notary commission. If you are applying for a new notary commission, or if you are a commissioned notary that seeks training, just click the link to go to the State of Florida Online Notary Education Course, available at no cost to you, at


If you are a new notary applicant, be sure to send your Course Completion Certificate in with your application and bond forms when applying for a new notary commission. Without the Course Completion Certificate from an approved notary education provider, the application forms cannot be processed.

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